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Introducing RiskFlow™

We’ve added a new data visualization tool to RiskTree. It’s a Sankey diagram for risk, showing how your risks change as you introduce countermeasures. he example above shows a typical diagram, with risks moving from intrinsic on the left, to residual in the middle, to target on the right.

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May update for RiskTree

The latest update for RiskTree has just gone live. There aren’t any big, flashy features this time – just a number of incremental improvements that will make your experience...

RiskTree update

We’ve just updated RiskTree ready for 2020. The changes include: You can now view charts showing how you’ve used tags in your RiskTree and reports. The search functionality uses...


Welcome to the 2T Security blog. We’ve created this so that we can write about security and risk topics that interest us, and that might be of interest to...