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May update for RiskTree

The latest update for RiskTree has just gone live. There aren’t any big, flashy features this time – just a number of incremental improvements that will make your experience smoother and easier. The most noticeable change will be at login: instead of including a field for the MFA code with the username and password, we’ve split this onto a separate box. Everyone will enter their standard credentials, but only users who have enabled MFA will be prompted for their code. It’s a small change, but it makes the logging in process a little bit clearer!

Another change is the ability to save files in a compressed format. This is particularly useful for the risk assessment reports created by RiskTree Processor, as these files can get rather large. The new compressed format has the extension .rtz (RiskTree zipped), and this can be used for loading and saving both RiskTree files and reports.

Please continue to let us have your suggestions for improvements and features for RiskTree. We’re driven by our users’ requests, and they all help to make the process better for everyone.

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